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Breathe in – the Susquehanna

Milt Friedly

Installation - Susquehanna River water, buckets, evaporation, museum atmosphere


This work speaks to the importance of the Susquehanna River as a major waterway for commerce, industry and recreation. Like most cities, Harrisburg was founded on or near a major waterway that provided a vision and sustenance for a growing population. Today, the river could be taken for granted as an everyday icon that continues the ebb and flow to the Chesapeake. Regardless, the importance of a major water source can never be taken lightly and remains our most important resource.

The disappearance or evaporation of the river water from the buckets into the museum’s atmosphere represents the diminishing importance of the river, or the perception or lack of perception that places the river as a mundane object. Everyday the citizens and visitors to Harrisburg breath the river – through this work, you are breathing the river.

Installation art by artist Milt Friedly
Breathe in the Susquehanna - an Installation for the Susquehanna Art Museum
SIngle channel video, feed buckets and water