Collaborations > Kodak Carousel Transvue 80 Capsules - EVAG Collaboration in the Box

This work was created for the Annual Echo Valley Art Group exhibition at the Keystone Art and Culture Center, Lancaster Pennsylvania. I asked each member to create a self-portrait in the slide tray boxes I masked and painted white. Each artist would be anonymous until the last week of the show when the lids were taken off and the content revealed. It was an exciting project with many different approaches to the self-portrait including a tradition portrait in mirror image by Dick Ressel, personal items from his refrigerator by Scott Spangler, historical photos, letters, poems, small paintings, monograms, rags from her painting process - Susan Gottlieb and many more. I will post more images as I have the images ready. Thanks to EVAG!

Sculpture by artist Milt Friedly
Kodak Carousel Transvue 80 - EVAG Collaboration in the Box
Kodak tray boxes and self-portraits
3"x108"x108" Individual boxes are 3"x10"x10"